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Tips And Tricks For Treating Sleep Apnea

This article will help anyone suffering from sleep apnea find relief. Sleep apnea can cause extreme problems for those who do not treat it. However, this condition can be managed with the proper treatments. Review the ideas presented within this article, and apply what you can in your life.

If your doctor prescribes a mouth guard, make sure it is properly fitted. The design is made to relieve the symptoms of sleep apnea sufferers. A mouth guard is more comfortable than wearing a CPAP and is better to sleep with. The mouth guard can help by keeping your airway unobstructed.

Some people believe that you can strengthen you upper airway muscles by playing a musical instrument belonging to the woodwind family. Research in Germany has shown that playing an instrument called the didgeridoo can train the muscles in your upper airways and strengthen them. It helps to strengthen the muscles in the throat, which collapse during sleep apnea episodes. For this reason, playing regularly helps you get a good night of rest by limiting the symptoms of sleep apnea and snoring.

Don’t drink a lot of alcohol. Alcohol has a relaxing effect on all your muscles. If the throat muscles are too relaxed, they can collapse and block your airway. Your throat muscles become relaxed, making it harder for your airway to stay open. Try your best to limit your drinking if you do decide to have alcohol, and try to not have any right before bed.

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Children can also suffer from sleep apnea. If your child exhibits any of the symptoms associated with sleep deprivation, such as chronic irritability, hostility and a drop in their grades, you might be looking at a case of sleep apnea. Often these symptoms are similar to ADHD, but you need to talk to a physician and consider sleep apnea as a cause as well.

Did you know that sleep apnea can afflict children? Children who breathe through their mouth rather than their nose can suffer from sleep apnea. Other symptoms can include hyperactivity, poor grades, irritability or hostility. Sleep apnea symptoms can mimic those of ADHD, but only a doctor can give the proper diagnosis.

Take your CPAP anywhere you go, even if you make a trip to the hospital. You need to take your CPAP machine with you whenever you go to the ER or any routine hospitalization, such as for surgery. This is because it is already customized to the pressure you need, and the mask won’t be awkward. This will facilitate your CPAP therapy during your hospital stay.

Try something besides sleeping pills. Just like alcohol, taking sleeping pills will make your throat muscles relax. There are a variety of other problems that they can cause as well, so be cautious of using them. Discuss alternative methods for getting to sleep without altering your breathing with your physician.

Stick with a single ordinary pillow when you go to sleep. Using multiple or oversized pillows makes it more likely that you will end up in a position that encourages sleep apnea. This may put you in a position that can adversely affect your breathing. This is why you need just one single pillow to sleep more restfully at night.

Sleep apnea can be extremely tricky to diagnose yourself, especially if you sleep alone without a loved one to tell you about minor sleep problems you experience. Setting up a camera to record your sleeping habits might be the answer. The video should be equipped with sound so that doctors can also hear any noises that occur during your sleep.

Lower your risk for sleep apnea. Some sleep apnea risk factors (like genetic predisposition or being a man) are impossible to escape. Being overweight, drinking, smoking and weak throat muscles can all bring on sleep apnea.

Take your CPAP along whenever you are embarking on an overnight trip. CPAP therapy can have an extremely positive effect on your sleep apnea, but it relies on constant, continual use to be effective. You should have a travel bag that is padded that came with the machine. You can transport your CPAP machine with you away from home.

One way to help with sleep apnea is to quit smoking. It can cause your upper airways to start swelling, which can make your sleep apnea worse. Try out nicotine patches or gum to get rid of your sleep apnea. Most people who have quit smoking report that the first month was the most difficult. The nicotine will be out of your system at this point.

Sleep apnea is not something that should be ignored, because it will not go away without treatment. There are treatments that work for some, but not others. Dropping some pounds might help your sleep apnea, but that might not be the cause. You can use options like CPAP machines to help you sleep at night. Some individuals prefer a surgical procedure which relieves airways restrictions. Which ever way you go, the key is to get it treated so you can live a peaceful life.

Sleep apnea causes anxiety, so if you feel that way before bed, take a bath. A good hot bath is an excellent way to reduce tension and soothe away your aches and pains. Due to this effect, you can sleep easier and more comfortably without getting interrupted by apnea.

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Do not sleep on your back if sleep apnea afflicts you. Falling asleep on your back can create airway restrictions that prevent sound sleep. Try side sleeping. If it does not seem natural to you, prop yourself using pillows.

Don’t be ashamed that you have to use a CPAP machine. Be forthright about your need for it, and don’t worry about having to use it around other people. If you have to use a CPAP machine your family and friends should not make fun of it.

Many people find that throat and tongue exercises are highly beneficial for sleep apnea treatment. These exercises strengthen the muscles surrounding the airway, which makes them less prone to collapsing. One of the many examples is to press the whole tongue to the roof of your mouth, hold it for three minutes and then release. Consistently do such exercises for the best results.

If you are taking a flight and bringing your CPAP machine, contact the airlines ahead of time. Many will make arrangements so that you have a seat with plenty of room to use it. If you are flying to a foreign destination, bring along a power adapter.

Certain cases of sleep apnea can be treated with corrective oral devices. It is not uncommon for people to have jaw shapes that create a narrow airway. These devices realign the jaw much the same way that braces do the teeth.

Being that sleep apnea is an issue with your throat, is very important that you strengthen the throat muscles to help alleviate many of the sleep apnea symptoms. There are a host of quick, simple exercises that can have a beneficial effect; you should be able to learn and master them very rapidly.

Be sure to see your doctor to participate in a sleep test if you suspect you may have sleep apnea. A sleep test will give your doctor the information he needs to diagnose your condition and its severity. Less severe cases of sleep apnea can be relatively easy to treat.

Many people who sleep on their back typically experience sleep apnea. If this is the case, you may want to consider changing your sleeping position. Sleeping on one side can provide a better night’s rest.

When you suffer from sleep apnea, do not sleep on your back. When you fall asleep on your back, your airways may be more likely to collapse during the night, causing sleep apnea symptoms. Because of this, you should aim to sleep on one of your sides. By doing this, gravity won’t be your enemy.

Sleep apnea can create exhaustion, which makes the condition worse. To address this ensure that you are sleeping on a schedule. Going to bed and getting up at the same time each day is important. This should stop sleep apnea from increasing to an even bigger problem.

Sleep apnea is always made much worse when you’re extremely tired each day. One way to mitigate this effect is to sleep on a regular schedule. Establish a routine bedtime and wake time so your body becomes accustomed to a specific sleep schedule. This can keep your sleep apnea from getting worse.

Sleep apnea sufferers should not drink alcohol prior to sleeping. Consuming alcoholic beverages will only increase your symptoms because it will cause your throat muscles to descend closer to your esophagus. You need not stop drinking completely; however, it should be curtailed near bedtime.

Use exercise to strengthen your throat muscles. You have to work on your internal muscles and get them strong in order to deal with sleep apnea. You may be able to significantly reduce your sleep apnea symptoms with just a little effort this way.

Neglecting to treat your sleep apnea can result in numerous unwelcome health consequences. If you’re suffering from this disorder, you must discover all there is to know about the subject. You’ll find it much easier to stay healthy and get the kind of natural rest you need if you make use of the suggestions provided here.

Start playing a woodwind. Take up the flute or clarinet or any wind instrument to help your apnea. The repeated blowing through the instrument helps to strengthen muscles that restrict your breathing because they are weak and lax while you sleep. It won’t happen immediately, but over time, learning to play one of these things will benefit your muscles and your sleep apnea.

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