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Solid Tips For Surviving Sleep Apnea And Its Effects

If you have sleep apnea, this article’s information can really help you. The condition is a serious one. However, it can be treated successfully. Review the ideas presented within this article, and apply what you can in your life.

Avoid contact with cigarette smoke and consumption of alcohol if you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are a big problem for people who have sleep apnea. Alcohol can put you into a very deep sleep and depress your respiration. Cigarettes can hurt your lungs, possibly even causing lung cancer. You will notice a decrease in sleep apnea symptoms by quitting these habits.

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It is important to stay away from alcohol if you have sleep apnea because it can help you see some improvement with the condition. Both smoking and drinking promote relaxation of the airways causing sleep apnea and excessive snoring. While quitting these habits may not stop your sleep apnea episodes entirely, you will be healthier overall and save money at the same time.

Drop your bad habits to relieve your sleep apnea. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are a big problem for people who have sleep apnea. Consuming alcohol can lead to trouble with your respiratory system. Smoking inserts carcinogens into the lungs, which eventually damages them. Letting these habits go can reduce your symptoms and make sleeping easier.

Try nasal spray if you notice your nose is irritating you. You will get relief from this for a little while. If you use nasal spray alot you may damage it. Talk to your pharmacist about your options.

If you are carrying a few extra pounds, it may be time to lose them. Research has shown a clear link between sleep apnea and obesity. If you are obese, even just losing twenty pounds can significantly improve sleep apnea symptoms.

If you can’t see a doctor about your sleep apnea, you can still do some things to help yourself. Try losing weight and eating healthier to get rid of your sleep apnea. Keep the last two hours before bed free of heavy meals, caffeinated beverages or alcoholic beverages.

You can both shed unwanted pounds and reduce the effects of sleep apnea with a nutritious and healthy diet. Not everyone is aware of just how significantly bad dietary choices can affect a sleep apnea condition. Research has proven that those who consume low quality food demonstrate more severe sleep apnea than even overweight folks who eat healthy.

You can help lessen the effects of sleep apnea by doing exercises which strengthen the throat muscles. The reduced airflow characteristic of sleep apnea is due to soft tissue in the throat relaxing. Stronger muscles are not as likely to collapse.

Sleep on your side in order to get some better sleep. When we sleep on our backs, the nasal and throat passages are more prone to obstructing the air-ways. Be sure to go to sleep sideways and find out if that helps you to sleep tonight.

If you have to use a CPAP machine, you should not have to hide it from others because you are embarrassed. Tell people that this is a necessity, and don’t be self-conscious about having to use it in the presence of others. Remember that a CPAP machine is helping you, and if others make fun of you, they aren’t your friends.

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When going on long trips, inform the airline that you need to take your CPAP machine if you use one. As long as you let them know ahead of time, many airlines will make an effort to seat you in an area where you can use your machine. If you are using a foreign airline, pack a power adapter that will fit their outlets.

Look for alternatives to sleeping pills. Sleeping pills can cause just as many problems with your throat as alcohol consumption. Taking sleeping pills can have a negative impact on other health conditions that those with sleep apnea may experience. See if your doctor knows of any sleeping medication that doesn’t cause respiratory depression.

Someone who suffers with snoring or sleep apnea should think about taking up a wood instrument. It is not only soothing, but in a German trial study, it was proven that playing the Didgeridoo or any wind instrument can drastically calm sleep apnea symptoms. This will help clear your airways.

A diagnosis of sleep apnea usually involves your personal and family medical histories, as well as a comprehensive physical examination. Your doctor may recommend a sleep study as well. When your doctor has this information, he passes it on to a specialist who can help you even more.

Use meditation, warm baths and massages to help you relieve stress and reduce anxiety-induced sleep apnea. Warming yourself up with a bath gets rid of the tension in your muscles and helps you relax. It is likely that you will fall asleep more easily and rest more soundly, offering the potential for minimizing apnea symptoms as a result.

If you are using a CPAP and experience an issue with your mouth opening during sleep, a chin strap can help. It is a simple cloth strap that can easily hold up your chin as you sleep. Try this out to keep your mouth closed.

Some types of sleep apnea may be treated by using corrective oral devices. This is caused by the shapes of people’s jaws, which can mean they have narrower airways. Corrective mouth guards can improve night-time air flow by holding your jaw and throat in the ideal alignment for unimpeded breathing.

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Keep in contact with your practitioner after you find out you have sleep apnea. Your physician will be your best source of information in treating your condition. When trying out some new kind of treatment, it is best to seek the counsel of a doctor who can monitor the progress of your sleep apnea.

If you use a CPAP machine and have sleep apnea, make certain to always have medical ID on your person. The reason for this is because if you must be taken to the hospital, the staff assisting you needs to understand that you’re using the CPAP machine for your sleep apnea. The ID must say that you have apnea, use a CPAP machine, and specify what pressure the machine is set at.

Stop speculating on whether or not you have sleep apnea, get yourself checked out. This condition is far too complicated, and good sleep far too important, to just make guesses about it. Give your doctor a list of your symptoms. This will help determine what is causing the problem and the appropriate treatment.

Just use one pillow when you sleep at night. Your sleeping position can be affected negatively by multiple pillows or an over-sized one. It will make breathing harder than it needs to be. So find a normal size pillow that is comfortable and doesn’t contort your airway because this will help you sleep better and breathe easier.

Cut down or avoid alcohol completely, especially right before going to sleep. Alcohol can worsen a lot of sleeping disorders, sleep apnea included. It slows down you central nervous system, making the conditions of sleep apnea worse and also could prevent you from waking up should you stop breathing. This can be deadly.

One helpful strategy to control sleep apnea is to begin playing a wind instrument. You can pick up a new skill, but more than that you are able to exercise and learn to control the very muscles that have to do with breathing. Training these muscles will strengthen them and may help you to control them while you sleep and thus lessen your sleep apnea symptoms.

There is a surgery that can help to alleviate the snoring associated with sleep apnea. The procedure is called uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP). This procedure removes excess tissue from around the airway and makes it larger. In most cases, it curse sleep apnea. Along with other throat tissue, you will have the added bonus of having your tonsils removed!

Remember that you need not feel embarrassed by your CPAP machine and your treatments. Use it when you need to, and make others aware that it is necessary to your health and well-being. Using this machine is for your own good, and anyone who pokes fun at you for needing it should probably not be your friend.

Find a way to get peer support. Sleep apnea is not a common thing. Your family and friends won’t understand what you’re dealing with. Consider talking with others that have sleep apnea. If you also suffer from shyness, find an online forum to get useful information and share experiences with fellow patients.

Sleeping face-up can worsen sleep apnea symptoms, so make an effort to face sideways when sleeping. Sew something lumpy onto your pajamas to make sure you do not roll onto your back. It does so by making it intolerable to sleep on your back.

Try getting a mouth guard. If your jaw is small, you have an overbite, or any other jaw abnormality, consider having your dentist fit you with a custom mouth guard. These devices can correct your jaw’s alignment, which can make it easier for breathing at night.

Remember that you must bring your CPAP machine with you on long air flights, and the airline must know about this in advance. Many will make arrangements so that you have a seat with plenty of room to use it. If you happen to be flying overseas on a foreign airline, make sure you have the right power adapter.

Talk to your partner about their feelings regarding your apnea. Spouses are often the first to help sleep apnea sufferers recognize their condition. Ask your loved one if your sleep apnea is causing a negative affect. Let your partner know that you plan to resolve this problem.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, some studies show that doing throat exercises may reduce the severity of it. Exercising strengthens the throat muscles and lessens the likelihood of collapse. One way is by pressing your tongue firmly to the top of your mouth, and hold it for several minutes. Doing this at least one time every day can help you.

Avoid using narcotic and opioid pain killers. They are known to lower oxygen levels in those with normal sleeping habits. Combining these medications with already lowered oxygen levels can result in life threatening problems.

If you are wondering whether you are experiencing sleep apnea, set a date with your doctor asap and request a sleep test. This can determine the cause of your sleep problems, and if it is sleep apnea, you will learn how severely you suffer with the condition. Once you know about your condition and its severity, you can start getting treated.

Don’t wait until your condition is really bad before seeking help. If you have sleep apnea, eliminate any other problem that affects breathing as soon as possible. Take your allergy medication as prescribed and stay indoors with the windows closed if your allergy symptoms begin to flare up. Treat colds so they don’t affect your sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea can contribute to many serious health disorders if left untreated. If you have sleep apnea, it’s crucial that you’re educated about you’re condition. By studying the tips in this article and applying them to your life, you can ensure that you are doing everything you can to protect your health.

There are a few things you can try if your CPAP therapy is drying out your mouth. Depending on the type of machine you use, you may be able to simply increase the humidity setting, providing a more moist supply of air. You can also use a mask that has a chin strap, which keeps your mouth closed, preventing the leakage of air.

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