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Don’t Let Snoring Keep You Up At Night

Snoring could be an irritating condition both for the person snoring, and also for the person sleeping with you. However, there are many methods and treatments available to help people manage, reduce, or prevent their snoring, so its impact on their life is diminished. Read on for some techniques to try to reduce snoring.

Changing sleeping positions can help stop snoring. The average snorer snores when they are on their back because their throats slightly close, which restricts the amount of air that is able to pass through the airway. Sleep on your side to take some pressure off your neck and avoid snoring.

To fight snoring, a number of people find relief in sleeping propped on multiple pillow, so their body is almost to the point of sitting up. Nasal drainage will not obstruct your nose or throat and go down to your lungs right away. When this happens you’re less likely to snore.

It is possible to stop snoring by making a face like a fish. This sounds very odd when you first hear it, but it makes more sense once you learn that it makes your face and throat muscles stronger. Close your mouth and suck your cheeks in. Moving you lips in a fish-like movement will give the right muscles a workout. You should practice this technique a few times every day.

Practicing your singing can prevent you from snoring. When you sing, you use throat muscles and over time they get stronger. Having toned muscles in the throat reduces snoring. Likewise, some musical instruments, such as the saxophone or trumpet, can strengthen these muscles too.

Smoking can exacerbate snoring; therefore, it is important to quit smoking. However, if quitting is not an option, refrain from smoking in the hours before bedtime. Smoking causes your throat to swell up and your air passages to get much narrower. When you break the smoking habit, you may easily find that snoring is eased as inflammation in your throat is decreased.

Have a discussion with your doctor about any medications you are taking that could be causing your snoring. Some medications will cause snoring as a side effect. These medications relax the muscles in your airway, making it more difficult to breathe as you sleep. Known culprits include pain medications, muscle relaxers and other antihistamines. When the muscles in your airways become constricted, you snore.

Reduce or eliminate your alcohol consumption, if you are bothered by snoring. You should also stay away from tranquilizers, sleeping pills and antihistamines at night. The reason for this is because these items relax your muscles, and then in turn this limits your air passageway and increases your snoring.

To keep your snoring under control, invest in a firm pillow. A pillow that is too soft can actually be too relaxing, encouraging the muscles in your throat to go slack and ultimately reducing the effective size of your airway. Narrow air passages contribute to increased snoring because air flow is reduced. If you have a firmer pillow, it will help hold the airways open.

Does it seem strange to you that singing might help with your snoring? One physicians believes that singing is a great remedy for snoring because it strengthens the muscles in the throat and soft palate. Strengthening these muscles keeps them from constricting the airway while you sleep, which in turn reduces your propensity to snore.

Prevent snoring by using an over-the-counter remedy from the pharmacy. Prescription medications also exist, but they are usually more expensive than over-the-counter treatments. These medicines fight swelling, and other things that narrow air passages.

Losing weight is a great way to reduce how much you snore. If you have extra fat, especially around your neck, this will put an increased amount of pressure directly on your airways. This can even cause your airways to partially collapse during the night. Even a modest amount of weight loss can improve your sleep and decrease snoring.

In order to snore less, sleep facing sideways. If you sleep on your back, it ups the chances of you snoring. Then again, sleeping on the stomach can strain the neck. For these reasons, being bilateral is the optimal position for sleeping.

If you eat less at night, you will not snore as much. When you eat a large dinner too close to going to bed, your stomach gets filled up. This moves the diaphragm near the throat. This pressure this places on the airway can restrict air flow. Snoring is predominantly caused by a throat that has narrowed, leading to restricted airflow.

You can decrease snoring by consuming smaller portions of food at night. Eating large amounts before bedtime fills your stomach. The diaphragm then pushes up on the throat, and that pressure can cause less airflow to go through the throat. Decreased airflow through constricted airways is a major reason snoring occurs.

Try staying away from moderate exercise within a hour of your bedtime. Physical activity right before sleeping can result in shortness of breath. This can narrow your air passages, which makes you more likely to snore overnight.

Try staying away from moderate exercise within a hour of your bedtime. Physical exertion causes shortness of breath, contributing to pesky and potentially dangerous snoring problems. This can narrow your air passages, which makes you more likely to snore overnight.

Make sure that you are using a humidifier every night in the bedroom. The constant vapor from the humidifier can be a benefit to your snoring problem. When you inhale moist air, your nasal passages, throat and airway are moisturized. By allowing extra humidity in your bedroom, your snoring will be reduced.

The unusual “tennis ball cure” has some loyal fans. This is when you place a tennis ball in a pocket that you have sewn on the back of your shirt or when you place one inside a sock and pin in on your back. This provides a physical reminder that you should only sleep on your stomach or side. When you start side sleeping, then you may remove the ball.

Have a couple of spoonfuls of honey before heading off to bed each night. No one seems to know why honey is such an effective treatment, but many people swear by it. Since honey is an effective ingredient in many folk remedies, it’s not surprising that it can help with snoring too.

Throat Muscles

The tennis ball method is a remedy that many people claim is quite effective. This interesting cure involves placing a tennis ball inside a sock and proceeding to pin it on your back at night. Having a tennis ball affixed to your back is a sure-fire way to avoid sleeping on your back! Once you are accustomed to staying off your back at night, take the tennis ball off.

Exercising your throat muscles can help stop snoring. Doing throat exercises for 15 to 30 minutes a day can strengthen your throat muscles and keep them from collapsing at night. Repeating vowel sounds like A, E, I, O and U and doing tongue curls are a great way to start.

If you often snore, consider allergies as a possible culprit and find a remedy for them. Exposure to allergens causes your nasal passages to swell, which forces you to inhale and exhale through the mouth. Breathing through the mouth will frequently cause snoring. There are many over the counter choices, or if your allergies are severe, see your doctor.

Speak to your doctor to learn more about mandibular advancement appliances, and if that is something that would help control your snoring. You will need to have an appliance like this fitted into your mouth, resting against your teeth. As the name implies, these appliances position your jaw so that it is a pushed a little forward and can help stop snoring.

You probably get tired of hearing this, but getting thin will probably make you snore less. You will find that extra weight accumulates in the neck area, along with the rest of your body. This excess fat in the neck area will put pressure on the airway or may even cause an obstruction, which leads to vibrations resulting in snoring.

If you snore, it’s important that you have breakfast and lunch daily. By eating a larger breakfast and lunch, you will be able to eat a light dinner without feeling hungry. Lying down with an empty stomach will help you breathe easier while sleeping.

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Saline nasal spray used prior to bedtime will allow you to clear your nasal passages, which will result in reduced snoring. This will help to clear your airways, and keep your throat and nose hydrated, allowing you to sleep soundly. Also, if you do not have congestion,

Bothersome snoring, whether it’s you or your partner, could be reduced by trying the following time-honored remedy. It’s been found that sleeping on your back can cause a person to snore more simply because it forces your airways to close up a bit. A great trick to prevent yourself from laying on your back is by attaching a ball to the backside of your shirt that will force you to lay on your side while you sleep.

Steer clear of sleeping pills or alcohol for eliminating snoring. Most drugs with a depressant or muscle-relaxant effect will slow down the nerves and make your jaw and throat muscles relax, potentially making your breathing easier. These muscles are involved in snoring. Use caution with these products, as they may cause sleep apnea.

Eating breakfast and lunch can help you in your efforts to combat your snoring. By eating a larger breakfast and lunch, you will be able to eat a light dinner without feeling hungry. If your stomach isn’t full of food, you will be able to breathe easier when asleep, reducing the chances of snoring.

Don’t consume dairy right before you go to bed. When you eat dairy products, you are going to produce more mucus, which will make you snore. The dairy that produces mucus may cause your airways to be blocked, which could lead to excessive snoring.

Consider the medications or tools that are marketed for snoring problems. Many people swear by pills, nasal strips, and sprays. While many pharmaceutical snoring remedies are available over-the-counter, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss your particular situation before trying them.

Snoring can negatively impact the camaraderie and connection with a significant other. Snoring causes frustration, anger and eventually people sleeping in different rooms. This isn’t a positive solution to the problem, so seek help from a medical practitioner to cure the snoring and bring your relationship back into the bedroom.

Nasal strips can help you gain snoring relief. By sticking these strips on your nose, your nostrils will be opened more widely. Having wider nostrils reduces the chances of snoring. If you suffer from sleep apnea, however, do not use nasal strips.

As we have already discussed, snoring can be an infuriating problem that affects not only the snorer, but the snorer’s loved ones as well. The fact is that most people don’t realize how many treatments are available to them, so they suffer in silence. Use what you learned here to sleep quietly and peacefully.

Properly treating allergies will help to eliminate snoring. Allergies cause nasal congestion and make it difficult to breathe. In addition to this, people who suffer from allergies tend to take breathes with their mouth, which just ads to the snoring problem. One of the best methods to use if you suffer from allergies is to utilize a humidifier, and take antihistamines.

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