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Diagnosed With Sleep Apnea? Learn More Here.

Sleep apnea can harm your health and your life, not just your quality of sleep. Because of this, you need to learn all you can about what causes it and what treatments you can have against it. The article below has information that can help you do that.

Talk to your doctor to find out if a sleep mouth guard will work for your apnea. If your breathing passage is naturally narrow, you have a small jaw, or you have a recessed chin, your sleep apnea may be amplified. Special mouthpieces can help to maintain proper alignment while you sleep, allowing you to rest much better.

Sleep Apnea

If your doctor has prescribed a CPAP machine for you, make sure you use it every night, for at least 4 hours. Unfortunately, adjusting to this device while sleeping can be hard for some people. If this is the case with you, try a different mask. That is often the source of the discomfort. Keep trying to use your machine, and work up to a full night slowly if you need to.

In order to improve sleep apnea, eliminate some bad habits from your life. In particular, alcohol and cigarettes are bad for you. Drinking depresses the respiratory system and can cause severe breathing issues. Over time, your lungs will be damaged as the result of smoking. You will notice a decrease in sleep apnea symptoms by quitting these habits.

Try something besides sleeping pills. Sleeping pills can make your throat muscles relax in an undesirable way. They may also have other negative effects as well. If you have chronic insomnia, consult with your doctor about safe alternatives to sleeping pills.

It is important to use your CPAP machine if instructed to by your doctor. You should use it for the full night, but if you cannot, try to get at least 4 hours with the machine. Some people find the machine difficult to get accustomed to. Nonetheless, it will not be effective unless you wear it for a minimum of 4 hours nightly. Using it for the minimum of four hours a day will allow yourself to slowly transition to full time use.

You need to have a complete physical exam and give a thorough medical history in order to get a sleep apnea diagnosis. Sleep studies may be suggested and your doctor might refer you over to a type of sleep specialist that can diagnose and treat your symptoms.

Going to sleep on your side may be beneficial. Some sleep apnea patients lay on their backs. When you lay on your back during sleep, the tongue and soft palate shift to the back, which obstructs your airway. However, breathing is much easier if you sleep on your side instead. Put a pillow on your side if you always find yourself moving around during sleep.

Get rid of as many sleep apnea factors as possible. Some sleep apnea risk factors (like genetic predisposition or being a man) are impossible to escape. But many others can be easily avoided, like smoking and drinking.

A doctor looks at both your medical history and family history when diagnosing sleep apnea. Your doctor may recommend a sleep study as well. When your doctor has this information, he passes it on to a specialist who can help you even more.

If you are experiencing sleep apnea, stop smoking. Smoking causes swelling in the upper airway, which makes sleep apnea worse. Try to use some nicotine patches or other stop smoking programs or medications. It is the initial 30 days after you quit that are usually the hardest. Following that time, the nicotine will start leaving your body, and you’ll have decreased cravings.

Sleep apnea can be extremely tricky to diagnose yourself, especially if you sleep alone without a loved one to tell you about minor sleep problems you experience. To gather evidence a physician can evaluate, record yourself sleeping through the night. Make sure you have audio on your video so you and your doctor can hear the noises you make in your sleep.

One helpful strategy to control sleep apnea is to begin playing a wind instrument. This will help to relax your body and mind while you are working muscles used in breath control. Making these muscles stronger reduces sleep apnea symptoms.

Try to sleep on a regular schedule if you have sleep apnea. Your sleep disorder is already a sleep disrupter nightly. Whatever you are able to do to keep a regular sleep pattern will help you to be in better health and less exhausted during the day. Setting regular times for both going to sleep and waking up is the most important thing to do.

You shouldn’t feel embarassed or ashamed about sleep apnea treatments like CPAP therapy. You will need to quickly get used to using it front of those who are closest to you. Remember that a CPAP machine is helping you, and if others make fun of you, they aren’t your friends.

Cpap Machine

Remember that you may not be aware of your sleep apnea. You need to let your doctor know if you have excessive daytime sleepiness, frequent exhaustion or episodes of falling asleep at the wheel. Even if you do not realize it while sleeping, you could have sleep apnea.

If you use a CPAP machine and have sleep apnea, make certain to always have medical ID on your person. If tragedy strikes, it will be important for help to know you require the assistance of a CPAP machine. The ID must say that you have apnea, use a CPAP machine, and specify what pressure the machine is set at.

Don’t sleep on your back if you have sleep apnea. Many sleeping difficulties, like airway blockages, are caused or exacerbated by lying on your back when you sleep. Try sleeping on your side. You may need some pillow to keep you in this position.

Do you travel? If so, then your CPAP should be carried along with you. You don’t want to sleep a single night without your CPAP after a sleep apnea diagnosis. Most CPAP machines come with a travel bag designed for just this purpose. Use this bag to carry your CPAP whenever you travel.

Take immediate steps to seek relief from your sleep apnea. You may find that your symptoms will only get worse if you avoid developing a plan with the advice of your doctor. A visit to your doctor is essential to prevent your sleep apnea symptoms from ruining your nightly sleep.

When sleep apnea is an issue, make sure to treat any allergies or problems with sinuses. You might have trouble breathing during the night because of sleep apnea. You don’t need anything else to interfere with your sleep. You need to keep your airways open, and remedying the slightest nasal condition will help you sleep better throughout the night.

If you are dealing with effects of sleep apnea, one solution is to perform throat exercises, which can help lessen the symptoms. When you strengthen the muscles around the airway, you are helping make them much less likely to collapse. Try to move your tongue up and down and flex your throat muscles as one type of exercise. Perform this activity once every 24 hours.

Losing weight is a simple and proven effective method of decreasing your chances of suffering from sleep apnea. Sometimes, losing weight is all it takes to get rid of sleep apnea. Even a few pounds can help your sleep apnea symptoms.

Some corrective oral devices can aid in the treatment of sleep apnea. This is caused by the shapes of people’s jaws, which can mean they have narrower airways. You can use a mouthpiece in this instance; you will get better airflow this way

Sleep with just a single, average-sized pillow each night. The use of multiple cushions, or very large pillows, can throw off your sleeping posture and inhibit your breathing. Not only is this bad for your neck in general, it also restricts your airway. This is why you need just one single pillow to sleep more restfully at night.

Sleep apnea is a type of throat problem, so strengthening your throat muscles can help alleviate many apnea symptoms. You can learn a bunch of exercises that can help you get rid of sleep apnea.

Some people have great luck with stopping their snoring by using an anti-snoring device they wear in their mouth while sleeping. When the airway is mostly closed, snoring occurs. Apnea on the other hand, occurs when the airway is completely closed. A device that can help with snoring may also work to help with apnea. Your sleep apnea may benefit from the use of a stop snoring device.

Many people that have sleep apnea sleep on their backs. A change in your sleep position can often help your breathing at night. Sleeping on your sides helps keep your airways straight, which reduces apnea during sleep.

No one disputes that sleep apnea is frustrating beyond belief. It’s an uncomfortable, frustrating, and sometimes dangerous condition. It can make life miserable for both you and those around you. Apply the things you’ve just learned, and start managing your sleep apnea tonight.

If you have sleep apnea and it is within a few hours of bedtime, you should not consume any alcohol. Alcohol can worsen sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Alcohol causes depression in the nervous system, which not only makes sleep apnea worse, but can also make it harder to wake up should breathing be impaired. It can also put you into such a deep sleep that you do not recover your breathing after gasping for air.

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